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Bos Executive Search - Executive Search and Selection

Our Methodology

  • BOS believes in true and tested executive search techniques, similar to that adopted by large international search firms.
  • Our values imply that our consulting and search process permeates all levels of our clients’ organisation and we do not limit our assignments to the most senior levels of management.

We believe Executive Search is the most effective method of recruitment, being a better method of identifying potential candidates than networking or advertising.

  • Networking will identify only a limited number of potential candidates for a position. Usually it will consist of those who are looking for a change, leaving the most suitable candidates out of the loop.
  • Advertising is often costly and rarely effective. Ideal candidates are usually well cared for by their present employer and are therefore unlikely to respond to an advertisement.
  • Executive search processes effectively seek to identify as many potential candidates for a position as possible. A true search process will invariably produce a significant number of excellent candidates for a position. Although it may require time-consuming and delicate work, the direct contact aims at persuading the best candidates to consider a new opportunity.

The Executive Search process is a labour intensive process that usually produces results far superior to advertising.

  • Our process of researching, targeting and fully qualifying highly skilled and successful people consistently produces superior candidates for our clients.
  • We maintain an open mind in order to best serve the interests of our clients. If we believe that traditional search methods do not represent the best technique for a particular assignment, all other avenues will be explored to produce the best possible outcome for our client.
  • The Search enables us to generate market research information, such as remuneration levels, industry strategy and structure for the benefit of our clients.

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